ESI has successfully provided tailored end-to-end computer solutions (IT) for small to medium sized companies since 1997. We deliver quality, industry and time proven business computer solutions engineered to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs and maximising your system availability, therefore making your IT investment a profitable one.

We understand that computer systems are a critical part of your business and any downtime means loss of productivity and more importantly, revenue. Your computer system investment should be an asset to your business, not a liability. In order to reduce the total cost of ownership as your business grows, it is critical that the correct choice of technology is made.

Unlike a standard home computer, a computer or several computers connected in a business environment (network) and the maintenance of it is a technically sophisticated and complex procedure. All the individual elements that make up your businesses computer network must be technically suited to each other and configured with accuracy. If it is not done properly, you will need constant support.


A simple incompatibility issue or error in configuration can render your system unusable or leave your system vulnerable to viruses or hackers. If you cannot take an order because your system is down, you could lose the sale or even worse, lose the customer.

For this reason our solutions are designed by computer engineers, not sales people. Our selection criteria is based on technical suitability, performance, cost effectiveness and an upgrade path, as opposed to a solution based solely on margins, profits and “what’s’ in stock”.

ESI is committed to providing the right computer solutions that best meet your current and future requirements, providing a range of options, to give you the edge in a competitive world.