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When should I replace my computers

The best way to explain this is by looking at your computers n the same way as you look at other tools of the trade. Lets use your work vehicles as an example.

Just like you work vehicles, your office computers are on and being used 9 or more hours a day, 5-6 days per week. Most people never turn their computers off. Computers, just like work vehicles, have moving parts and electronics that are running sometimes non-stop, therefore a subject to wear and tear. If your critical vehicle breaks down, it affects your ability to work so most people wont' take the risk and they will replace the vehicle as soon as it is out of warranty.

Although modern day computers are quite reliable, the question of when to replace a computer that seems to be working OK is more of a risk assessment rather than a technical issue.

For example, lets say you have a central server that is 7 years old. You may have spent several thousands purchasing it. It is working extremely well and you have never had a problem with it so do you replace something that is working?

The answer to that question lies in this; If you did happen to experience a failure with the server and it was, for example a power supply or even worse, a main system board, how quickly can you source a replacement part? How long can your business afford to have users unable to work as you try to find a part on ebay or second hand computer dealers?

Technology changes so quickly that manufacturers no longer support products for 7 years like they used to. The risk of keeping hardware for too long is that you may not be able to fix it quickly if and when it does break down.

The industry average is about 4-5 years maximum. At ESI, we recommend that servers should be replaced as soon as they are out of warranty or out of manufacturer support. This ensures that your main business vehicle is able to be repaired and brought back online in the shortest possible time because we all know time is money.

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