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Does the NBN make my PABX redundant?

It is very annoying to hear that so many "telco" companies out there are tricking people into purchasing new telephone systems (PABX) because of the NBN. This expense could cost you thousands of dollars.

Ok so lets get the facts. Yes, when the NBN is rolled out, your old telephone lines (PSTN) will in time disappear. This means that if you have an old telephone system (PABX), it will not be compatible with the NBN which is purely data. No phone line associated with it. The way of the future in telephony is Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it is comonly known.

So what do you do if you simply do not have the funds to go out and spend $4k + on a new "NBN" ready phone system? The simplest solution is to give us a call. We have technology that is able to convert your existing old PABX to an NBN ready system at a fraction of the cost of a completely new VoIP Voice over IP) PABX. You just tell us how many telephone lines you currently have or need and we can design the correct solution for you. We can even arrange to have your existing telephone numbers ported to your VoIP adapter.

If on the other hand, you are looking to change your phone system anyway, we can design and implement a totally new hosted VoIP PABX with all the modern features that the new world of business demands.

Please also be aware that once the old telephone lines are decommissioned, you also need to think about;

  • Alarm monitoring

  • EFTPOS terminals

  • Fax Machines

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