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Simple ways to spot an email scam

Contrary to what some people believe, us computer people do not enjoy or find it "Fun" to clean up the mess left behind after a ransomware attack on someones' computer. We hate it when we have to tell someone that they have lost all of their family photos or all of their company files. Yes, we do get paid to this type of work but I can guarantee you that we would all prefer it if we didn't have to this as often as we do.

So, in order to assist my fellow IT people and also save you some hard earned $$$'s, I will give you some simple pointers that will greatly decrease your chances of becoming a victim to an email scam.

He are two examples I received via email recently ...

This email came to me a few months ago. The first thing I did was ask myself, do I have anything with AGL? The answer was "no I don't", so I took a screen capture of the email to show people, and deleted the email.

Upon looking at the email closer, you will notice that the sending email address is AGL <>. If you google AGL, you will notice that their internet domain is 2nd reason to press the delete button.

Now lets look at another one that arrived today from "Telstra" !!

Again, do I have any services with Telstra? No I don't..

Does the sending email address look right? telstra-digitale ?? ??

So from now on; Ask your self "Do I have any dealings with the company sending the email? Then check the sending email address to see if it matches the companies internet domain by googling it. And lastly, NEVER EVER click on a link telling you to "Click here to access your account" or "Click here to view your invoice". Go directly to their site and log in via your normal portal.

Now that I have done myself out of some paid work, feel free to donate some funds to me... just click here :)

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