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Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 End Of Life

Windows 7 has enjoyed an extended life, much like it's predecessor did, Windows XP. But even though it still has a massive installed base, specifically in large Government & Corporate envirnments, Microsoft will be declaring it EOL (End Of Life) on the 14th January 2020. If you have very deep pockets and you simply cannot move away from Windows 7 by the EOL date, you can purchase Extended Suuport directly from Microsoft.

So what does EOL mean to you, the businessman that just needs the computers to work as efficiently as possible? It simply means that Microsoft will no longer offer support for the product. They will no longer release updates and patches or bug fixes. The systems will still work the same as they have allways done but you will be doing so at your own risk.

What is the risk? The risk you then run is that if some low-life hacker finds a flaw in the operating system that they can exploit, Microsoft will not be doing anything to fix it, and you could be a sitting duck in the big internet ocean full of sharks.

The other risk is that your other systems may start to be affected by you not running on supported platforms. For example, if you are running an ERP system that runs on an SQL server, the ERP vendor may advise you that you must be running supported products to stay supported.

So what are the options? This really depends on what you currently have in terms of hardware and software. Do you know what you are currently running?

Now is the time to start looking into this because, as you already know, the years seem to just roll on by, so you don't want to be caught napping when clock tics 14th January, 2020.

What could you do? That one is simple; Call us and book to have a System Audit performed at your business. We can help you identify what hardware & software you are running; what is usable beyond 2020 and what needs to be replaced before then.

Once we have picture of what you have, we can look at what you need for now and for the next 4 years and provide you with solutions to suit. New computers, servers, laptops, Cloud systems, hybrid-cloud systems and more.

Stay healthy and safe.


Chris Ripoll

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